Industrial Development Fund (FDI)

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Our mission and operational philosophies


FDI is a financial institution whose purpose is to promote the economic development of Haiti, by meeting the financial needs of small and medium enterprises endowed with a potential of job creation, foreign currency generation, and local raw material valorization - and operating in an environment-friendly way


To accomplish our mission, we develop a complete set of alternative financing instruments, including venture loan, venture capital, credit guarantee, subordinated loan, that we make available to small and medium entrepreneurs with no or limited access to traditional bank loans, because of their inability to meet the minimum capital and guarantee requirements set forth by the commercial banks' credit policies.


As a not-for-profit institution, our main focus is not a high rate of return on equity.  However, we know when/where profit is not an explicit purpose; it becomes a constraint, a survival prerequisite, the safer way to preserve, in real terms, the value of the financial resources, and a factor of sustainable growth.


We also understand that the fulfillment of our objectives is conditioned by our ability to provide stable employment in positions that will enable employees to grow personally and professionally in an organization environment where competence, integrity, teamwork and fairness are the rules.



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