How to apply for an FDI's  financing


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A. Procedure


Financing requests can be addressed directly to FDI or through its Financial Intermediaries, which will pass them on to us.  In support to his/her financing request, the solicitor will provide all documents and information required for an objective assessment of the past and present financial performance and situation of the investment enterprise and the evaluation of the investment project.  Information can be part of a well-structured business plan or presented in separated documents.


Should the information not be available in a sufficiently formal and exploitable manner, the project promoter can solicit FDI’s technical and financial assistance in collecting, analyzing additional relevant data and in formalizing the business plan.



B. Type of information and documents amenable to be required


1.      Legal and fiscal documents and/or information


q       Partnership agreement

q       Articles of association

q       Resolution of the Board Directors, authorizing the project and the financing plan

q       Trading tax certificate

q       Copy of any legal document related to the operation of the enterprise


2.      Financial documents and/or information


q       Historical financial statements

q       Financial projections

q       Bank references

q       Account statement

q       Copy of financial agreement

q       Budgets

q       List of the shareholders


3.      Commercial/Marketing documents and/or information


q       Market studies

q       List of current and potential customers and evolution during, at least, the last 3 years

q       Market share: evolution during the last 3 years

q       Competition’s market share:  evolution during the last 3 years

q       Documents describing the competitive advantage of the products

q       Copy of sales contract

q       Price list VS competition price list

q       List of current and potential distributors

q       List of competitors (the enterprise’s and its products’ competitors)

q       Copy of purchasing intention letter

q       Bank references of the current and potential selective and exclusive distributor(s)

q       Documents describing the products, their specific market and their consumers,  broken down by region, sex, lifestyle, season, etc.


4.      Technical documents/Information


q       Documents describing the existing infrastructure

q       Construction plans and estimates

q       Quote from equipments suppliers

q       Copy of title deeds of real properties

q       List of raw material and other inputs suppliers

q       Bank references of the main suppliers

q       Bid documents (if any)

q       Copy of technical feasibility study (if any)

q       Copy of production factors purchase contract

q       Copy of technical assistance contract

q       Copy of license and franchise contract, and subcontracting agreement.

q       Inputs price lists

q       List of different inputs and their yield in terms of finished goods

q       Documents describing the productivity of the direct labor in each stage of the production process

q       The production cost structure


5.      Administrative documents/Information


q       Organization chart

q       Copy of job contract with top managers and consultants

q       Copy of Mission Statement, and policies manual

q       Copy of the Code of Ethics

q       Document presenting the staff members with their position, their background and a brief job description


6.      Synthesis documents


q       The business plan

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